Black and white portrait by Thomas Kos

Are you looking for a cool gift for a loved one or for yourself? How about a stylish black and white portrait painted by me, an artist based in Amsterdam.

  • The portrait is 50 x 80 cm (or 80 x 50 cm)
  • The price is € 600,-
  • The finished painting is created with acryl paint, is lacquered and if you want includes a hanging system.

Here is how it works:

  • Let me know that you are interested by sending me a message (see the form below)
  • We will discuss possible shipping costs
  • You send me the picture that you want me to paint
  • I will check the picture and show you an example of what the painting will look like
  • I will tell you when the painting can be finished (Usually within 4 weeks)
  • Then you decide if we have a deal
  • You pay afterwards, and only if you like the result
  • During the process, If you want, I can send progress pictures